Stage Write

Stage Write

"Each piece had been carefully crafted through a series of workshops directed by Frome writers Crysse Morrison and Niamh Ferguson. They have made quality writing accessible and achievable through this project, enabling absolute first timers to contribute alongside published writers and performers. Each monologue immersed the audience in characters and images that were evocative and strong." — Somerset Standard review

17 February 2011 - 7.45 - 8.45pm
Stage Write presents: A Postcard From...

“Fourteen writers with stories from around the world, from past to future, funny or sad, memory or fantasy, every story had authenticity and charm.

17 February 2011 - 7.45 - 8.45pm
Stage Write presents... Dressing Up Box

“… a brilliant evening and for someone who loves stories it was as close to heaven as a girl can get! The diversity of the stories and their reading styles was fabulous.”

“Being involved in StageWrite has been an incredibly inspirational and motivating experience. ... The standard gets higher each time, and yet the scheme retains a strongly supportive and encouraging ethos. I love being involved.”

1 April 2010 - 7.30pm
Stage Write presents - Lucky Dip

Four-leaved clovers, horseshoes, black cats, broken mirrors...
Does luck really exist - or do we all make our own luck?

Following the phenominally successful '7 Ages of Shoes' event:
another evening of short monologues,
this time inspired by dipping into the bran tub of life's memories
and longings. Enjoy an evening of varied styles: funny, poignant,
often surprising, always authentic.

14 October 2009 - 7.45 - 8.45pm
7 Ages of Shoes presents -
Stage Write

Spoken Word in the Foyer

TS Eliot used coffee spoons to measure out his life but shoes are more fun.

Purposeful Wellingtons, lazy-day flip-flops, sporty trainers, glamorous high-heels, the glass slippers of fantasy longings… Local writers have been creating 5-minute monologues inspired by shoes.

Enjoy an evening of varied pieces: hilarious, hopeful moving, and life-affirming.

Directed by and Crysse Morrison and Niamh Ferguson, Supported by Dreamweavers

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