Crysse performs her poetry solo and with Hazel Stewart as Live & Lippy, and was a founder member of trio Liquid Jam. Crysse has won poetry slams and appeared at festival and theatre venues across the southwest and London, and in California. 

“Crysse Morrison is an artist in words. She uses a painter’s palette of colour in her work which fizzes into brilliant and subtle performance.”James Nash

“Crysse Morrison is sharper than a serpent's tooth and a hell of a lot funnier.”Luke Wright

Crysse is available for bookings and workshops.


Life is Grimm but not like fairytales
By Crysse Morrison

You know it's a fairytale when the princess arouses
from a hundred years' coma as fresh as a daisy,
moist lips, taut breasts, and cherry nipples.
In real life each time you wake,
your tits are more like chewing gum,
your peachiness more pruney.
I shall take no more naps.

You know it's a fairytale when the princess succumbs
to whines from a brute, and at her caress
he turns beautiful and pledges love.
In real life each time you offer your heart
he turns ugly and growls This
is all your fault - you made me like this.
I shall embrace no more beasts.

You know it's a fairytale when the phoenix arises,
the firebird returns, the ice splinter melts,
and the dancer with red shoes - cuts off her feet?
In my world there will be no such compliance,
no pragmatic submission,
no good conduct remission,
I shall paint my toes scarlet and dance like a harlot,
and when I'm too old to spin straw to gold
I shall start a sanctuary for dragons.


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