Liquid Jam

"Renowned poets Crysse Morrison and Hazel Stewart asked guitarist Laurence Parnell to join them in a one-off poetry and music collaboration. That first evening was so successful that it led to the recording of a CD and, nearly two years later, the trio are still working together."

—Frome Festival programme 2005

Lyrical and languorous, funky and funny, occasionally even lewd, Liquid Jam have been delighting audiences throughout the south west since their formation in 2002 with repeat performances by popular demand from Salisbury to Bath.

The Liquid Jam CD

"I listened to 'Liquid Jam' the other night and thought it was fantastic! I loved your poems—sensuous, moving, suprising, sexy—just like you in fact. I loved the musical contributions, the haikus and other things. Very professionally recorded too. Well done to everyone involved!" —Bristol playwright Steve Hennessey

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What people are saying:

"Thanks for a superb evening! I have so many compliments for you from so many people—and ideas on future bookings. It was really exceptional, the entire show so polished." Editor of Greece Magazine Diana Cambridge

"You're breaking new ground with the performance work, and I'm sure it'll be very, very successful." writer and artist Lisa Tenzin-Dolma

"Liquid Jam Meets the Llama—An evening event at the Frome Festival Hot and juicy, sweet and simmering, tart and tasty: Friday night's audience at Frome's Garden Cafe enjoyed the rare treat of Liquid Jam's flowing fusion of poetry and music. Dressed to kill, talented Frome poets Crysse Morrison and Hazel Stewart performed their work--tear-tugging and rib-tickling by turns--to the sensitive and often witty accompaniment of Laurence Parnell's guitar. Laurence also performed some of his own quirky songs; I'm still humming the chorus of 'Anguila Anguila' which celebrates the life of Somerset's eel population. And the Llama? Will Angeloro of Handsome Llama Studios was there, making a live recording which will result in the ensemble's second CD—out soon." Somserset Standard review.

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