Live & Lippy

As poetry duo Live & Lippy, Crysse and Hazel Stewart prowl the risky—and risqué—edge of performance poetry, experimenting with shared themes, lines, even words, and constantly rediscovering things that are weird. Like life…

Things that are weird:

alphabetti serendipity:

what’s it like for you?

What people are saying:

“The audience loved their witty, idiosyncratic poetry and the charm of their presentation.  Crysse’s performance was an inspiration in how to capture and win the affection of an audience and she was certainly the star of our evening.” —Sue Boyle (Founder Organiser) Bath Poetry Café

“I really respected your performance: vivacity, word-play and mischief.” —Caleb Parkin, Bristol Poetry Can

“Poems that take you by surprise; they can seem simple, but engage with a humour, wisdom and sensuality that tells of the craft behind them.  Crysse will draw you in with a smile then let you know you're not dealing with a fool. Her poems are honest, passionate, brave and fun. … A terrific performance” Peter Hunter

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